Daisy’s Perspective

Position: 14.30N 050.00W

Wind: 10-12knts NE

Course: 270T

Day’s Run:151M

So far my favourite part of being at sea with a bunch of nutters was a PE lesson. Mummy had a fun idea of an obstacle course around the perimeter of the boat with our safety harnesses on, clipping and unclipping as we went round the shrouds, forestay and backstay and in between the kicker, boom and mast, although sadly we had to stop the races because of a rather clumsy member of the family!

Another ‘interesting’ experience has been the night watches. I’m doing 6pm to 9pm each night. Dora normally pokes her head up around 7 to chatter to me about all the random things going around in her mind and to be honest, I never thought I would learn so much about desert rodents! Of course the sky is stunning with all the stars and we have been keeping watch on the new moon as it goes through the phases (we are currently on half moon).

Another thing I am really enjoying is sitting on the edge of the boat with my legs dangling overboard and my toes trailing along in the water. There is a surprising amount of sea weed wandering around and plenty of flying fish to keep us entertained. We haven’t seen any dolphins in a while although I have seen white tropic birds who are looking rather peculiar with there long tails.

I can’t wait to arrive in Martinique and go snorkelling, though I have so much energy stored up I could probably run around the island a dozen times first


PS. Missing you very much Bingo and Aubrey! X

5 thoughts on “Daisy’s Perspective”

  1. Loved your post Daisy and well done for sitting your own watch….very responsible. Bingo sends you HUGE sloppy kisses and a naughty bark…..he has sad days when he’s clearly missing you all but he’s the most gorgeous companion and we adore mom. Roll on Martinique xx


  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts Daisy. I’m impressed by the fact you’ve been doing night watches, and it’s amusing to hear that thanks to Dora your sea adventure has already featured desert rodents as well as dolphins, flying fish, tropic birds and a turtle. Enjoy dangling your legs overboard, PE lessons, reading books and looking forward to spotting dry land at Martinique with snorkelling, trying out your French and other fun and adventure in the Windward islands to follow.. Love to you and the others from Robert x


  3. Hi Daisy, when you get to Martinique and start swimming and snorkelling in the beautiful clear warm water, please spare a thought for your poor godfather stuck in cold London who went swimming in the Serpentine (Hyde Park) at 8am one morning last week for an International Women’s Day charity event (you might ask why given that I’m not a woman…).I found it so cold that I lost most of the feeling in my feet after 5 minutes. And no doubt Dora will be able to tell you about the different types of rat who regularly swim in the Serpentine (although in their case not for charity). Enjoy looking forward to that lovely snorkelling in the warm Caribbean waters full of beautiful coral and tropical fish, and please do tell us about it in your posts. Love, Robert x


  4. Your post made me chuckle Daisy, particularly after reading your mother’s more censored view of the PE lesson around the boat. Bunch of nutters indeed! I’m only catching up on the blog now and hope you are finally enjoying croissants and snorkelling in Martinique.


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