Marvellous Martinique

So we have arrived in Martinique and have just been overnight to a hotel in the north of Martinique. If you didn’t know in 1902 there was a massive volcano eruption which wiped out the old capital St Pierre. 30,000 people died within 3 minutes only one person survived he was a prisoner during the eruption. He was imprisoned for murder. But it is said he survived because of the extremely thick walls of his cell. We visited the ruins of the theatre which stands next to the old prison we could see his cell it looked untouched. We also went to magnificent zoo. And when we’ve not been on excursions we have been on the boat relaxing. That’s all from me!

Dora 🙂

Dora in Martinique zoo

Flamingoes in Martinique zoo. They’d been eating a lot of shrimps to make them extra pink!

One thought on “Marvellous Martinique”

  1. Dora I just love Flamingos, they really don’t look real at all from my computer screen … so very pink !! Love the one with his head in the mud!
    I just love reading your blog, its all so interesting and colourful.
    Love Sally X


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