2 thoughts on “Tom’s gecko”

  1. Hi Cherubino! Jordan’s here! I wanted to send you a photo of our romantic ‘dinner a deux’ on board Salt high and dry in Bradwell-on-Sea in anticipation of anti fouling tomorrow but it doesn’t look as if that’s possible.. not looking forward to the damp duvet that’s been on board all winter or the sweaty onesie that goes with anti fouling but I guess it’s all necessary to get us back up and running for the new season! Gareth says that this was all my idea but it really wasn’t! Loving hearing all your news… Keep safe.. Emma & Gareth.. xx


    1. Ha ha – thoughts with you as you tackle the anti fouling! Still, with the Green Man close at hand a decent bite to eat in convivial surrounding is something to look forward to at the end of the day. I’ve been busy on our underwater surfaces chasing off the slime with a Brillo pad and picking off the swine goose barnacles. All nice and smoooooth again now. Looking forward to seeing y’all upon our return, all the best, T.


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