As I have said in some of my blog posts we have been doing a lot of snorkelling. Today my dad and I went on our best snorkelling trip yet. As soon as we plunged into the beautiful blue water we came face to face with a massive shoal of needle fish. Now, I’m absolutely terrified of needle fish. I just can’t stand their needles (if you haven’t guessed I have a phobia of needles). After that traumatic experience, we stumbled upon a stunning coral reef with angel fish and parrot fish. Parrot fish don’t have your typical fish mouth they have beaks! We explored round there for about ten minutes until I found something strange further out. Being me, I swam to get a closer look. Little did I know I was about become face to face with one of my BIGGEST fears. A BARRACUDA. I’m telling you now once you’ve finished reading this blog post look up a barracuda and then you will understand my fears. I swam away as fast as I could, powered by adrenaline.

Eventually, we started swimming back to the boat and then we met our little friends,The Needlefish, again. After my encounter with the barracuda I decided to go into panic mode so what do I do? I swim for my life scramble up the ladder dry off and get in to my warm dry clothes.

No pictures of Dora snorkelling but here she is collecting conch shells on Marie Galante.

Sunday afternoon chores. Dora, rocking the Mamma Mia island hippy look whilst hoovering a melon!

2 thoughts on “Snorkelling”

  1. Hey Dora, great to see your having an awesome time. Sailing gets a sad face because I HATE wetsuits and I don’t really fancy wearing one. Also, I’ll have to start the sailing season without you- which will be AWFUL. I will let you know whether Midnight likes the sand bath.
    Lots of love from the wet and rainy (and rather cold) UK,
    From Katie Komodo Dragon
    Or Katie ♡♡♡


  2. Hey Dora Phoebe K here hope ur having an amazing time all the pics look great katie is right it has been pretty cold in the UK although every now and again we get little sunshine. Yesterday it even went from SNOWING to sunshine so that was strange missing u loads Phoebe K xx


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