Live and kicking in Paradise

When planning this entire trip, Daisy and I were adamant that we had to include a visit to a small town in North West Guadeloupe called Deshaies. Deshaies has a very pretty church and some bars overhanging the water and is best known amongst non sailors as the setting for the BBC series, Death in Paradise. I know there will be lots of you out there who share our guilty pleasure in this long running show, so I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that filming on the next series starts again this month. They’d actually closed off the set in preparation but the very charming location manager came and opened up for us.

The police station itself is a permanent set and is exactly as it looks on film. The girls took a turn at JP’s, Florence’s and the Inspector’s desks and had a good rummage through their drawers.

Daisy running the financial checks at JP’s desk.

On the shelves are ring binder folders of past cases, all labelled correctly 2016/April/Mooney/216-2569 etc. Pinned to the walls are genuine regulations about noise abatement and court procedures. It’s just a delight.

They have a crew of approximately 70, both English and French and they film from April to September each year. They try and film within a short radius of Deshaies otherwise it gets too complicated accommodating everyone, and the Location Manager said she was always delighted when a new fancy house or hotel was built as she was running low on locations.

Dora looking for the resident goat in the cells.

Daisy with the Inspector’s magnifying glass. Behind her on the wall is the map of St Marie (v similar to the butterfly shaped Guadeloupe) with all the rivers and place names written on.

The Inspector’s beach house is a few miles to the North, on Anse Perle, which is not as deserted as you might imagine. Dwayne is sadly not coming back, much to everyone’s sadness. Pilgrims come from as far as New Zealand, Estonia, France, Canada and Russia to leave their messages of admiration on a replica of the Inspector’s white board, and then pop down the hill to the Madras restaurant which is is the set for Catherine’s bar.

We had a great stay in Deshaies, which Tom has already written up. One high point for the girls and I was the spotless and air conditioned municipal library where we’d retire for 3 hours a day to get some schoolwork done in unusually comfortable conditions. So now, when I arrive in port, I look for showers, a supermarket, a laundry, a tourist information office and a municipal library. It’s glamour all the way.

That reminds me to mention our showers in Basseterre, Guadeloupe. The staggeringly grumpy marina manager would not let us use their showers, even though we offered to pay. She directed us to the showers by the local beach, which are two sided, beach one side, petrol station the other. So Tom and I had the unusual experience of showering al fresco, on full display to those filling up their cars on the way home. Of course we were in our swimwear but it made me realise that in your late 40s you just don’t really care much and would do anything for nice clean hair.

8 thoughts on “Live and kicking in Paradise”

  1. I am green with envy of you all!! I hope you’re having the most incredible time still – keep the posts coming girls so that I can live vicariously at my desk!


  2. I am green with envy of you all! I hope you’re having the most incredible time – keep the fantastic posts coming girls so that I can live vicariously from my desk!!! 🙂⛵️


  3. Hi Dora, hope ur having a wonderful time out there and happy belated easter. Btw I got your post card and I thought
    that the story was quite funny and I’m so jealous that you got to see the Death In Paradise set ,wish i could see it too,. Missing u loads Phoebe K xx


  4. Hello Hester Family,
    Loving reading your blogs, the snorkelling, ballyhoo fish, barracuda, just amazing. So envious of your trip to Deshaies – The film set, Daisy at JP’s desk and Dora peering in cells ….great stuff! Easter gave us 4 days of 25 degrees in sunny Suffolk and a pike in the river ….not quite the Caribbean though!
    John has just returned from Antigua classics regatta, says he could see Guadelope from his yacht.
    Love Sally Xx

    P.S Oska missing Bingo too Daisy


  5. OMG Dora your so lucky. I wish I could have been there. We have SATs in three weeks and we had a practice maths paper today. I got one wrong – Maia got 40/40 of course, so 39/40 is pretty good for me. Are you keeping up your maths, you don’t wanna slide down to the bottom after your journey. As far as I know, the door mouse is perfectly fine and alive, as is midnight. I got some sand the other day from our cheapest supplier (the beach) and put some water on it. Am waiting for it to dry before siveing it to get the lumps out. We got loads of sawdust because when you clean her out evry week sawdust runs out quickly. Looking forwards to seeing you again in a couple of months.
    From the actually ok weather UK,
    Your bestie Katie
    P.S when you get back buy your sawdust from Home Bargains – it’s cheap and good quality.


  6. I really enjoyed the photos of Daisy looking intellectual and focused at JP’s desk, although I think it would have been more fun for Dora to have been photographed INSIDE the police cell together with the resident goat.. Love, Robert x


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