Dora’s Birthday Blog

On my birthday (16 of April), we decided to rent an air bnb for a few days. The house had a lovely, cool breeze from the air conditioning which was not unwanted after being inside a hot, stuffy boat for months.

The next day, we went on the most amazing high ropes course. We zoomed through the sky it felt like we were flying. It was one of the most exhilarating feelings. The view from the zip-lines were amazing sea on one side, volcano on the other side and forest underneath. They saved the best zip-line for last. It was a racing line. I went against Daisy. We scrambled into our harnesses waiting for guide to push us. In my head, I was thinking 3,2,1 GO! We zoomed through the air, Daisy in the lead then BOING! We hit the end platform and were flung backwards. The guide on the end platform called…

….“ First one back here wins!” As soon as I had registered these words, I launched my self forwards, Daisy hot on my heels, trying to catch up then, with a big jolt, I hit the end just seconds before Daisy. Victory was mine.

2 thoughts on “Dora’s Birthday Blog”

  1. Belated happy birthday Dora. I had some jelly snakes to celebrate for you! Congratulations on winning the Great zip line race, it didn’t quite make it into the sporting section of the papers here so I’ll write a letter to the editor to complain (my right as a grumpy old man!).


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