Hurricane survival tips from Dora

What to do in a hurricane.
What to always have in your house
If you live in a country or on an island which are hit by hurricanes here is a list if the things that you might need:
A portable radio. This will be useful to find out the force and damage of the hurricane.
Stay inside at all times and keep away from windows, outside doors etc.
Never go outside the protection of your home or shelter until the storm has passed.
Make sure you always have a torch with fully charged batteries, safe drinking water in case your water supply is cut off and lots of food that doesn’t need cooking also don’t use your phone you never know if you are going to need to call the emergency services also have a card if all the important phone numbers in case of an emergency.
If you have a house made out of strong concrete your house will probably be alright but if your house is made of wood or tin you might have a few things to repair. The main thing is make sure your house is sturdy and keep checking the force of the storm on the radio. Make sure you also have a medical kit with things like sterilising cream, bandages, plasters etc. This will all come in helpful if some one gets ill to stop the germs spreading.
What you don’t want to happen
The most important thing to do if you’re an adult is to stay calm so that, if you have children, they will be calm and won’t be so scared. You should also make sure everyone is eating enough so they will calm down. Play games like 20 questions and story games to distract and stop people thinking about what’s happening. If no one is speaking it will scare people and make them panic just relax and read a story book for every one to enjoy. 
Building houses to survive hurricanes
If you are buying a house in a country that can have hurricanes you should buy a house with a square, hexagonal or even octagonal floor plan and a roof with multiple slopes.
Make sure your house is built in a flat surface and that there aren’t any overhangs underneath your house because if there was an overhang your house might be blown down if the overhang shifts from the wind. Concrete and brick are the most trustworthy resources for building a house make sure that you get a house with storm shutters so the windows won’t smash when the wind is blowing. Make sure you live on high ground so your not to close to the beach and won’t be swept away by a tidal surge.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane survival tips from Dora”

  1. Congratulations Dora ! An excellent and informative piece of writing. We have not actually had a hurricane here in Woodbridge but storm Hannah ran it a pretty close second – so far the roof remains in place nevertheless.
    We have greatly enjoyed the accounts of your adventures and look forward to more. Hope you get some wind on
    the run up to Bermuda, with love from us both from Oma and Opa.


  2. Hi Dora, based on that excellent knowledge I think you should be appointed Hurricane Safety Officer by Woodbridge Town Council when you get home. A couple of less practically useful hurricane related bits of information to share with you- 1. the word hurricane comes from the Taino people’s word “hurican” meaning god of evil which was derived from the Mayan word huracan meaning god of wind, storm and fire- the gods were very important! and 2. the Great Red Spot in the planet Jupiter’s atmosphere is a giant spinning storm like a hurricane on Earth but which is more than twice the size of Earth, with wind speeds of 270 miles a hour and has lasted for at least 340 years- it makes one feel rather small here on Earth doesn’t it?! Robert x


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