Bermuda bound

Position: 18° 08’N 63° 11’W
Wind E10-15 knots

Today, the 16th May, we set off from Simpson Bay Marina, St Maarten for Bermuda. In the morning there wasn’t enough wind to sail but at the moment we are sailing along as happy as Larry. I have made a massive achievement I haven’t been sea sick! This is the first passage including day sails when I haven’t felt awful. My advice if you get sea sick ,like me, is to have something like gum to distract you and plenty of coke. The reason I’ve started using gum is because it gives my mouth something to do and if there is something in your mouth you are much less likely to be sick. I’m enjoying this sail much more than the first days of the Atlantic crossing as I am determined not to be sick. The sail to Bermuda is 1 week and then after we arrive, we cross the Atlantic again and we’re on our way home! I hope all is well we will keep you updated.


3 thoughts on “Bermuda bound”

  1. Hi Dora, can’t wait to have you back! We won the pride of Kyson this week -because we’re fabulous (or maybe because it was SATs week) the tests were pretty easy really, I don’t know why some parents and schools make such a fus! Next week were off to Mersea to have an adventure like you (although we will only be 45 minutes away from home) and it’s going to be awesome. On Monday (we leave on tuesday) we get to find out what parts we get in Pirates of the Curry Bean! I’m so excited.
    Missing you loads
    From the unsure how to describe the weather UK,
    Love Katie 😺🍦


  2. Well done Dora-as a fellow sea sickness sufferer, I think you should be proud of yourself for being so determined not to be sick and for coming up with such positive, practical ways of dealing with it. Enjoy Bermuda! R


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