Sudoku by Moonlight

Position: 20° 34’N 063° 17’W
Wind: SSE 4-5 knots
Daily run: 145 miles

What an incredible 24 hours at sea. So wonderful to get back to the simplicity of life at sea again after two amazing months in the Caribbean. As Dora said, the wind filled in just as we sailed between Anguilla’s Prickly Pear island and Dog island and we reached through calm seas all afternoon and night. Sailing conditions don’t get any better. Now we are heading north the genoa provides shade on the foredeck all afternoon- a welcome respite after the intense heat of Sint Maarten’s concrete. We resumed our pattern of night watches and when I came on at midnight I managed to complete a sudoku by moonlight (whilst keeping a very careful eye out for ships of course!). An uneventful night and peaceful morning but with a dying wind finally abandoning us at noon, when we had to give in and put the engine on. The calm was forecast and we are hoping to be out the other side by tomorrow.

Cherubino leaving St Maarten

2 thoughts on “Sudoku by Moonlight”

  1. We have found you and are following! Be safe and enjoy the full moon highly unlikely any werewolves of London are about! Hugs to all, B&E


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