Are we in the Bermuda Triangle yet?

Position: 28°01’N 063°57’W
Course: 006
Wind: ESE 15-18 knots
Day’s run: 157 miles

Over the last two days we have had a lot of rain and I mean, a lot. At the moment, we have 279 miles until we get to Bermuda! We are not in the Bermuda Triangle yet but it certainly feels like it.

The sea is quite uncomfortable today but we are all managing. Daisy and I have been dangling our feet over board and kicking the water at each other. School so far has been alright. I’ve been doing a lot of maths. We’ve rigged the Genoa, The Main Sail and The Mizzen. Our speed over the ground is averaging 7 knots, which is quite fast for us, considering our average speed is 6 knots! We will keep you updated.


3 thoughts on “Are we in the Bermuda Triangle yet?”

  1. You will be there before you know it Dora ……fingers crossed for a gentle ride through the Bermuda Triangle
    Sally X


  2. “Where the remote Bermudas ride
    In th’oceans bosom unespy’d
    from a small boat that sailed along
    the list’ningwids reciev’this song.” Andrew Marvell – what a marvel !


  3. Hi Dora, how are you? I got a really funny part for the play and I don’t know if pheobe told you but she got one of the biggest parts -Pearl. And midnights having a lovely time, and somehow she is not fat even though my mum keeps giving her loads of sunflower seeds. She is getting really fast at running in her zorb. When your able can you give me your number and arrange a time to chat cause I want to actually talk to you as it’s been so long since I heard your voice – and that’s not normal for besties. Can’t wait for you to get back,
    Love from
    the not as wet and rainy UK,


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