Farewell Bermuda

We are reluctantly tearing ourselves away from this beautiful island. We have a good forecast for the next three days or so and are anxious to use the promised strong winds to get off to a good start, knowing they are likely to become fickle or even non existent as we approach the Azores high.

This picture was taken by the most lovely dock master at Pier 41 marina in Dockyard as we steamed out at 7.30am.

A quick visit to Customs back in St George’s and then we will head East for the first time, starting our homeward journey. Quite exciting!

3 thoughts on “Farewell Bermuda”

  1. thinking of the play Pressure when you mention the Azores high! I’m dropping Nick to Portsmouth tonight for the ferry tonight – he’s jumping out of a Dakota as part of the D-Day commemorations. Rather him than me.


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