Battered like fish

Position: 33’46’N 61’10’W
Course: 080
Day run: 175
Speed: 7 knots
Wind: SSW 14-20

We were battered yesterday. The wind was gusting 35 knots and the sea lumpy and the rain continual. We had the Mizzen and Genoa up and were making 9 knots!

I really enjoyed it when we were making faster progress, the thrill of the speed and waves coming up to meet you like you are a celebrity, bashing against the side of the boat trying to get a better look and the disappearing under the boat gushing the hull side ways – I think I was the only one who enjoyed yesterday! Dora was feeling ill and Daddy busy repairing tow generator (this is how we make electricity), we will not be able to fix it, so need to hand steer all the way to the Azores which will be hard work because only three of us are really capable of this!

We also all got drenched, the rain poured brutally and continuously until 6,  by which time we were all freezing. We started hearing thunder and seeing lightning around 8 and this stayed with us the majority of the evening making us hold our breath!

So really yesterday wasn’t a brilliant day for most, but the wind has died considerably to 14-20 knots and the sun has come out.


2 thoughts on “Battered like fish”

  1. Hi Daisy, I’m sorry to hear about the tow generator but well done for managing to keep your spirits up during the tough day that you all had to endure, especially poor Dora feeling ill. As you are hand steering to the Azores and in particular if you have another challenging day like that, perhaps thinking about some pearls of wisdom from the great explorer Ernest Shackleton might help- he said “Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all”, “Optimism is the true moral courage” and, my personal favourite,”By endurance we conquer…” Robert


  2. Hello Daisy, Bad luck about the tg – very annoying. Meanwhile congratulations on your report which is ,as ever, diverting and informative. I cannot say I envy you the experience of hand steering, as I know that its rather tough,
    but, from the sound of it, you will cope very well. Love to all aboard and hope you get some sunshine which always cheers one up.
    xxx Opa


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