Position: 38.07’N 35.20’W
Day’s run: 162 nautical miles
Course: 090
Wind: SSW 18-22

Last night we had an amazing show of dolphins! There were about 100 of them and we saw them doing the most amazing tricks. Jumping really high and landing on their backs and spinning in the air it was incredible. Here are a few facts about dolphins:

1. Dolphins are some of the most intelligent creatures. Scientists are trying to decode their language.
2. Dolphin pods vary in sizes they can be as small as 20 or as large as 200 dolphins. The one we saw was about 90-100.
3. There are more than 20 different species of dolphin!
4. The strongest adults are at the front of the pod with the teens round the outside protecting the older and younger dolphins in the middle. The dolphins take it in turns “nannying” the youngest dolphins once they can cope without their mothers.

The Portuguese men of war are getting larger and more colourful. Daddy was pulling in the tow generator, which had some tentacles wrapped round it, and got stung! Luckily, he’s all right and it was just a slight tingling. All is well here hope all is well every where else. That’s all today.


One thought on “Dolphins”

  1. Thank you Dora- I enjoyed reading those facts about dolphins especially your 4th fact which was especially interesting. Based on what I’ve read it sounds as if the Azores are a magnet for marine life, so you may see more dolphins, especially bottlenose dolphins, and maybe some whales.. Robert


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