Waterfalls and Bays

Here’s a quick clip of one of the many waterfalls that plunge down the sides of the cliffs surrounding our anchorage at Faja Grande. Good spot for a long overdue hair wash!

And here are Daisy and Dora scrambling about below it…

Finally, a picture of Cherubino riding to her anchor in the bay.

This really is the most enchanting spot! More soon, T.

4 thoughts on “Waterfalls and Bays”

  1. What beautiful scenery, and I enjoyed the clip of Daisy and Dora scrambling like agile, sure-footed mountain goats around the rocks at the bottom of that waterfall. I recommend that you try to sample a local pineapple while on Flores- I read that the Azores is the only place in the world where pineapples are grown commercially in greenhouses- at a place called Arruda Azores. And for Daisy and Dora, in case your school teacher is still off duty enjoying that local vinho verde, you may be interested to learn that a pineapple is not just one fruit, as you might think- in fact it’s a composite of several flowers whose individual fruitlets fuse together around a central core. And of course it contains lots of vitamin C so any pineapples that you can stow away on board to supplement your rations at sea en route home will reduce the risk of an outbreak of scurvy amongst the crew, R


  2. We are loving reading your blog and feel like we are exploring too! Just wanted to mourn the death of our legend Jonny Clegg together Tom, we should have got him sing in Suffolk when we discussed it!
    So looking forward to your return, think of you all often, love the Waterer’s xx


    1. Hi Mel, yes, what a sad day. Let’s get together with his CDs and a few bottles of fizz once we’re back – quite soon now – for a Jaluka/Savuka evening XX T.


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