And so it goes on

Position: 44° 29’N 011° 45’W

Wind. NE 20-25

Course: 110

Day’s run: 104 miles

We have big seas and winds gusting up to 30 knots. We even heaved to for a few hours this morning to try and let Tom and I get a little sleep. It’s very tedious but at least the sun is shining now. Bizarrely there’s another yacht out here about 2 miles to leeward of us. Poor sods. Those of you who spend a lot of time in the open ocean will know how rare that is.

More tomorrow no doubt….

One thought on “And so it goes on”

  1. Glad to see from AIS (15 07 19)that you are now safely moored inside the western mole at A Coruna and hope you are able to get a good rest after what must have been a horrendous few days. Well done you brave sailors !
    love Opa


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