About Cherubino and her crew

Cherubino in harbour 2018.JPG

This is Cherubino. She is a custom built ketch (she has two masts).

She is 54 feet long.

She was designed in the 1970s and built in 2001 and the Hesters bought her in 2018..

Tom owned her sister ship, Papagena, and sailed her round the world from 2001 to 2004. Polly did most of that trip too. They loved it so much they got married half way through. Let’s hope their children are similarly enamoured!

Daisy and Dora have fewer sea miles to their names at the start of the voyage. iIn their lives, they’ve spent about 4 weeks living aboard in total. Understandably they are a little apprehensive at times about the prospects but they can tell you how it all pans out…


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