Hey welcome to my blog I’m just going to tell you what’s been happening. We have been really busy exploring Lanzarote. Lanzarote is in the Canary Islands (which means canine in latin) and has loads of volcanoes. We went on a camel ride up a volcano it was absolutely amazing. We’ve been on lots of long hikes and plenty of museum trips. I’ve realised how much I miss the cold, wet climate of England because here is like a huge, scorching, volcanic desert. I start home school on Monday which I’m really excited about it. It’s been really hot recently and I’ve been lounging round in the hammock listening to the hunger games on my iPad. We have visited Timanfaya national park and stumbled upon many lizards . In Lanzarote they speak Spanish so me and my family are practicing this language. This island has black sand as the lava has dried and disintegrated . I hope you will read my blog again.

Dora 🙂

4 thoughts on “LUMPY LANZAROTE”

  1. Sounds amazing already! And you haven’t even set sail yet. What a brilliant adventure. We went to Tenerife when the boys were little and I was so puzzled by the black sand. I just couldn’t get used to it! Hope the home school is as much fun as ‘usual’ school. Be nice to the teachers 😂. Love from Jude xx


  2. Hi DoraBingo here….missing you lots and lots but I see you already have a new friend in that Camel and are far too busy to miss me 😢I am being a very good boy and only disappear for short moments of time…but I still don’t seem to be very good friends with the cat 🐈 Hey ho, perhaps if I don’t chase her up the tree she might want to play soon 😊School work looks very studious….well done guys…and I think you might be ready for the big ‘off’ – so Bon Voyage and enjoy the hammock (not sure there would have been room for me)Love to Daisy too – Xxx


  3. Hi Dora,We received your postcard today – love the information about Camels – ace work on adaptation. It’s World Book Day today here at Kyson. We all really miss you. It is Victorian day on Wednesday – maybe you could have a day on your boat where everyone has to be strict LOL! This morning Mr Gunson dressed up as Cinderella for a World Book Day show!! It was hilarious (said Alex). What have you eaten any different foods yet? (Joel)How are you coping without Wifi? (Cara)When do you leave to start the big journey? (Maia)How long are your home school days? (Giacomo)What are you learning about? (Maybelle)Have you seen any cute animals? (Poppy)Wishing you a safe journey,6GB


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