Monday, Monday

Puerto Calero

Well, there’s no wind at all this morning and precious little forecast for tomorrow so we’re staying put until Wednesday morning, busily laying in provisions (four PotNoodles per head per day for a month?), checking systems mechanical and electrical and occasionally wondering wether it might not have been more sensible to stick to an annual cruise to Ostend and back.

Our course will take us down the East coast to Papagayo Point (the SE corner of Lanzarote) into the Estrecho de la Bocayana which separates Lanza from Fuerteventura. Then we’ll sail a little South of West to pass North of Grand Canaria and towards the Southern tip of Tenerife then, leaving the Canaries astern, in the direction of a more or less arbitrary spot at 25N20W near the Endeavour Bank where the seabed rises from a couple of miles deep to just 150m. The best trade winds to blow us West are found (roughly) between latitudes 5N and 20N so the old saw runs that you should sail South from the Canaries until the butter melts then turn West. I’m hoping up cut the corner a bit, hopefully shaving a few miles of the 3000 odd that lat between us and Martinique.


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