Heading in the right direction

Position. 21 10’N. 21 58’W (A moment of great excitement this morning when we were exactly 21 30.648N and W. Picture counting down to New Year’s Eve at the turn of the millennium. You can tell there’s not much going on!)

Wind. NE 15-20 knots

Course. 260

Daily Run. 165 miles. Again!

We gybed late morning, having made enough progress south to be in reliable trade winds, so we are now pointing at Martinique. Still more than 2,000 miles away but good to be heading right at it.

Update below from Daisy:

After being at sea for five days we have really begun to know the animals who are following us on our voyage.

We have been visited by dolphins several times and it’s a wonder to watch them play in the waves. On our third day at sea, we had a rather unexpected visit from a sea turtle who was also surfing the waves! And yesterday we briefly spotted a whale coming to the surface to breath, but sadly he didn’t stick around to play.

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