Cooking on the boat

Position. 15 20’N 038 19’W
Wind: E 10-15 knots
Course. 270
Daily run 142

As you can guess cooking a boat is completely different to cooking on land. Cooking on land is so much easier than cooking on a boat or at sea. There are very few advantages of cooking on a boat but there are a few challenges.
Here are a few:
. You re constantly being moved around
. There is very little space
. There is not a lot of creativity involved
. Meals tend to be very similar
. (A small advantage) All the meals are simple and easy to prepare
Despite this I really enjoy cooking on a boat. But the one thing I HATE is washing up. We don’t have a fancy dishwasher on board. We use a bucket of salt water and lots of fairy liquid. That’s about it so next time you’re asked to put something in the dishwasher. Don’t complain and think about having to wash EVERYTHING up by hand with a family of shrimps and plankton!


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