Daisy’s Martinique

Our first island has been no let down on sunny, Caribbean spirit.

We have been to a classic french beach near the marina called ‘Grande Anse de Salines’ which really lives up to its name. The water is crystal clear and the sand a blinding white, palm trees line the beach and behind the shade is plenty of cosy beach restaurants to enjoy the view. Dora and I rented a kayak and went hunting for fish but sadly didn’t see any.

We went away for the weekend to the northern part of Martinique to explore some ’touristy things’.

The first thing on are agenda was to visit St.Piere’s sea front and have lunch. St.Piere was the capital of Matinique until in 1902, the island’s volcano erupted and killed the whole population of the town. A prisoner who was locked up for murder survived because his cell walls were so thick the volcano eruption couldn’t destroy them.

The other thing we did that day was go to ’zoo de Martinique’ just outside St.Piere. The spacious enclosures are made out of the ruins of a plantation in the early 20th century and a wooden path and step bridge leads you through the undergrowth. Dora marvelled at the pack of racoons running around the place and there were loads of tortoises tottering about their homes.

The next day we headed back into St.Piere where we inspected the ruins of the old town. We visited the theatre, where a pack of lizards had made their burrow (?) and the prison cell where survivor had been at the time of the eruption. Everything was covered in shrubbery and all the cracks in between rocks were teeming with tiny exotic insects!

We are planning to leave Martinique on Thursday morning and head to Dominica to explore the rainforest and fit in some good sailing!

Daisy x

PS: Still missing you Bingo and Aubrey! Xx


One thought on “Daisy’s Martinique”

  1. Wow you made it! Well done! Martinique looks wonderful, you are really lucky, it is a place I have always wanted to visit. Glad you learnt about the volcano as well. Enjoy your time there and make the most of the lovely Caribbean, it is grey and dull here!
    Mr H


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