Reply to 6GB’s questions from Dora

Reply to questions from year6kyson and the journey:

First in this post I’m going to answer the questions from year6kyson:

Joel, I have tried a new drink in Lanzerote we were in the fruit market and me and my sister were getting smoothies and I decided to go for the magenta coloured smoothie turns out this smoothie was cactus flavoured. It tasted like a strawberry and a raspberry mashed together. It was delicious!

Cara, I’m pulling through without WiFi but I miss watching Netflix and being able to text all my friends 24/7 but I’m just pulling through.

Maia, we left to start the Atlantic crossing on the 27th of February and we arrived this morning (19 of March) so it has been a 20 day crossing which is 1 day less than we were expecting.:)

Giacomo, I have 3 lessons a day all 1 hour lessons they tend to be very boring as I can’t talk to Maia or Evie just to clarify the talking is about the work.

Maybelle, I do Maths, English, French, History, Science and Geography the topics I have done are the slave trade and volcanoes.

Poppy, this is a list of animals I’ve seen:



Pilot whales



Sea horse

The Atlantic crossing is sooooooooo tiring and because we don’t have much food when you get to land every food seems HUGE to you. And you stagger round looking like you’re drunk. Thank you for your questions I really enjoyed answering them. Year6kyson did Mr Gunson do a good job of playing Cinderella?

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