Delightful Dominica

We arrived in Dominica yesterday(28th march). The currency is eastern Caribbean dollars. They speak English.We haven’t done loads but we did an amazing river tour up the Indian river. It is fantastically beautiful. In the river you have to row as you are not allowed to use outboards to protect the marine life. Our tour guide,Antony, explained everything is such detail. If you have watched the second pirates of the Caribbean film you might remember Callipso’s hut on the river bank. This hut was actually built on the Indian river! Sadly, last year there was a terrible hurricane called hurricane Maria. It destroyed the hut but you could still see were the hut had been. We saw crabs and mullets. We walked to a fruit farm on the river tour and we saw: pineapples,oranges,sugar-cane,avacadoes,grapefruit and passion fruit. Do you know pineapples actually grow out of a tree near the ground so they don’t hang from trees like most people think. They attach to their tree by their base not their leaves. After that we went to a little bar and me and Daisy had a delicious drink which tasted like cranberries and ginger. I will post pics of the fruits.


That is a pineapple growing. Very strange and very beautiful.

This is the Indian River.

Ps to 6GB. Dora will happily take your questions on tropical fruits, hurricanes, Pirates of the Caribbean sets and all other Dominica related topics!

6 thoughts on “Delightful Dominica”

    1. Hi Maddie. Hope you had a good day on the Isle of Wight. In answer to your question there’s not a huge number of tourists here but they get a lot of cruise ships visiting and there’s some very nice looking hotels being built. get your Mum and Dad to bring you here!


  1. Hi Dora,
    We are so pleased to see you are having a great time! Everyone really loved seeing the pictures from Martinique and Dominica. Thank you so much for answering our questions.

    6GB news:
    Mr Gunson was great as Cinderella – he had three different outfits for the day! It is the end of term for us today and everyone is tired and a few people are poorly. Today we got our second pride of Kyson as we have had an amazing couple of weeks – Mr Gunson and Mrs Bloss were delighted! We have also earned 10 smilies which means we get a board games session later today. Our topic is now South Africa. We are getting excited for our own adventure to Mersea Island in a few weeks. We FINALLY got our extra gymnastics session last week and earned the platinum award for amazing tidying and setting up – Maia was very pleased.

    Our new questions for you:
    Patrick wants you to help him choose which song to play at the concert, Harry Potter theme tune or Pirates of the Caribbean?
    Cara – Do you get to listen to music? Have you heard Ariana’s new album yet?
    Molly – What has been your favourite thing in the Caribbean so far?
    Katie – Do you get a half-term break from work like us?
    Noah – What’s you favourite animal you’ve seen so far?
    Maybelle – What’s the best thing about staying on the boat?
    Bobbie – Have you done much swimming? Do you get to swim with dolphins?
    Evie – What do you miss most about the UK?
    Taylor – Have you seen any sharks?

    Sending you our best wishes,


  2. Hey Dora, missing you loads. Midnight seems really happy (and healthy) and we have started to get REALLY fond of her🐁. Smudge has a new hobby- sitting staring at her. We usually carry him out though because he starts sitting like a merecat (is that how you spell it?)
    Woodbridge school has given me a big scholarship (academic) so that’s where I’ll be going. By the way my dad is FINALLY starting his new job. Oh, and guess what, I came second in Kysons 500 wrd story AND I passed my grade 2 clarinet!😄 Hockey ends soon and sailing starts:( This time next year you will Be back sailing and eating sweets with me and Millie. Be sure to post lots of pictures of Guadaloupe and the Death in Paradise set (if poss.)

    Lots of love from the wet and rainy UK,
    Your best friend(I hope)
    Katia Komodo Dragon
    Or Katie:)


  3. Hey Dora I was just wondering, do you ever give Midnight sand baths? Should I be doing so?
    Love from the wet and rainy UK,


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