Dominica is small developing island between Martinique and Guadeloupe. Over 60% of the island is covered in Tropical Rainforests and there are over 1000 flowering plants and 172 different species of birds. The island is famous for it’s infinite water falls and lush mountains, as well as 365 different rivers meandering down from the peaks.

We have been staying in Prince Rupert’s bay, Portsmouth for 5 days now and we plan to leave tomorrow.

On our stay we have travelled up the Indian river to a farm where we tried different fruits and stayed at the bar in nature! On the boat ride we inspected schools of fish and numerous types of crabs along the river front. Our guide, Anthony, explained in depth about how the island wants to be as eco-friendly and non-harmful as possible, so no outboards (motors) can be used while in the river – because of this you have to row.

We also rode up into the hills to spot parrots and lizards/iguanas who had made the homes in the ruins of the effects of Hurricane Maria back in 2017. While we were up in the peaks we also went swimming in a natural pool formed by a water fall running down the mountain. The water was freezing after the warm seas but we really enjoyed being in fresh water!

Apart from travelling around the island I spent the first couple of days swimming and snorkelling although, we had to stop after that because the locals told us because of recent winds, jellyfish had been brought into the bay and some of them can be more dangerous than others…

We’ve also been on plenty of walks to soak in the sun but my favourite was a walk to a view point of the bay close to the fort. The water was so clear even from this height and we saw plenty of wild life like snakes on our way!

Tomorrow we are heading to Marie-Galante which is a tiny island off Guadeloupe. Here we plan to do some brilliant snorkelling!


PS. Still missing you, Bingo and Aubrey!

Waterfall swimming.

Buttress roots

Rainforest canopy

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