Daisy on St Kitts

The sail up from Deshaies was actually quite fun because we passed close to Montserrat and the effects of the recent volcanic activity. There were loads of Frigate birds and Boobies hanging around Redonda, zooming through the sails and squawking like crazy.

St.Kitts has been one of my favourite places to visit so far, we’ve walked up a volcano, swam off classic Caribbean beaches, explored fortresses and zip lined through the rainforest. My favourite part has been searching for monkeys that run freely around the island.

The water here is so clear, the beaches are beautiful because of the eccentric colours. On the first beach we visited there was an inflatable water park and Dora and I spent hours jumping and sliding around the place.

When we went zip lining for Dora’s birthday we started at the top of a peak and screamed rather than gracefully meandered our way down the mountain. The views of the sea were extraordinary although they didn’t last very long as we whipped through the trees.

The next day, early in the morning we started on our hike up Mt Liamuiga which is a 3792ft volcano.

It is a 2 hour hike one way and goes through the rainforest and as you get further up you begin to climb up through boulders. The view from the top was extraordinary – the panorama view of lush shrubbery and dominating clouds looming above us. When we reached the viewpoint everyone was quite tired but I was keen to follow a couple more boulders up on to a ridge. After hauling myself up I noticed I would have to show a large rock with a weird looking creature which looked like a rat/beaver/marmot! Sadly, he scuttled off when he heard rustling leaves and we still haven’t been able to work out what it was. So I was left to enjoy the view on my own – you could see much more of the crater and the trees rising up all around.

Our next hop is to Statia for more hiking and snorkelling…


3 thoughts on “Daisy on St Kitts”

  1. Hi Daisy, it’s great to hear that you had such an enjoyable time exploring St Kitts- searching for monkeys sounds especially fun. Well done for so thoughtfully allowing Dora to win the zipline race on her birthday and for potentially discovering a new species of crossbred rat and marmot on that rock at the top of Mt Liamuiga – I may email David Attenborough to suggest if it’s new to science it should be named a daisymot after the intrepid young explorer who discovered it. Enjoy the hiking and snorkelling on and around Statia, Love, Robert x


  2. Using a zip line to cross a valley seems much wiser than having to walk up and down again, I dream of such efficiency!


  3. Hi Dora,
    How are you? Hope you enjoyed your birthday (yes, I know it was ages ago, sorry) and are still having an awesome time.On Friday we found out that our yr 6 play is going to be:
    Pirates of the Curry Bean!! he he he! Mr.G chose it in honor of you (sort of) if you hadn’t guessed it’s a mock version of Pirates of the Caribbean. Apparently it’s really funny. Midnight is doing really well and has found a passionate for sunflower seeds. Her sand is nearly dry how-to sand DOES NOT dry quickly. She has to runs a day: before breakfast and before dinner (with snacks of sunflower seeds inbetween). The runs stop her from getting fat- my mum loves it when midnight takes food out of her hands. She gets plenty of cardboard to keep her occupied. Missing you loads,
    From the once again wet and rainy UK,
    Katie (Komodo Dragon)😃🐈🍦🍦🍧🍧


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