Hobbling on

Yesterday afternoon, through a piece of prize idiocy, I managed to drop a heavy and solid object from a considerable height onto my unprotected foot. The howl of pain and rage might have roused the residents of the churchyard on the cliff above our anchorage. Inspecting the gory mess, I imagined that I’d lose the foot for sure and was comforted by the thought that a wooden leg would rather suit my present beardy look. However, the foot’s still attached and I have two lacerated and swollen toes wrapped up in a giant bandage – the very image of a martyr to the gout.

All this aside, we got away from Oranjestad before 0600 this morning and enjoyed a brisk cracked sheet reach across the 30M stretch to Gustavia, St Barts.

We’re heading out again once Pols…

…. has got our passports stamped and internet access will become somewhat sporadic but we’ll post when can.

Hopalong Tom.

2 thoughts on “Hobbling on”

  1. Very concerned to hear of your injury and hope the bandaged toes recover swiftly – meanwhile feel it quite important for you to acquire a parrot – ( Chap money cheap money) to complete you qualification for Southampton Long John Silvers.


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