Terrific Turtles

Terrific turtles🐢

Today,before school, my mum and I went snorkeling with turtles! At the moment we are staying on an island called St Barts we are in a lovely calm anchorage which is also a marine park. You can’t actually anchor in this anchorage as it is a marine park. So yesterday, 29th of April, we picked up a mooring the reason we are not allowed to anchor is because the sea bed here is covered in sea grass instead of sand. Do you know which marine reptile eats sea grass, jellyfish and urchins? TURTLES🐢. So this morning I got out of bed and my mum and I jumped into the cool water with our snorkeling masks on. We swam about 20 metres then right underneath us were 2 gorgeous turtles munching away on the sea grass. It was a lovely sight we ended up seeing 9 different turtles. As you can guess, the thought of being next to such a calm mellow creature in the wild was amazing. We saw 3 baby turtles which were only about 30 cm long and we saw 6 older turtles which were about 60 cm long. My first actual close encounter with one if these turtles was when I was swimming along with my head out of the water when about 2 metres in front of me a turtle just popped it’s head up and stared at me before diving back under the surface. My favorite part of swimming with the turtles is watching them dive they are so graceful and elegant.

Here is an interesting fact about turtles: when turtles are about 15 years old some of the turtles grow a tail but others don’t due to global warming less turtles are growing tails. Turtles with tails are male and turtles without tales are female so the female population of turtles is a lot larger than the population of male turtles. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post about turtles. Thank you for reading. Dora

5 thoughts on “Terrific Turtles”

  1. Dear Dora, Thank you so much for your charming account of swimming with turtles ; they have long been a favourite of mine and it must be great to see them close to. We greatly enjoy reading of your adventures on the Spanish Main and hope there will be more. With love to you, Daisy, Mum and Dad (whose injured foot I hope is getting better)


    1. Dear Opa,

      I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about my adventures with the turtles and Daddy’s foot is slowly getting better.

      Sending you lots of love,
      Dora 🐢


  2. Hi Dora, thank you for sharing your wonderful close encounter with turtles- what a great experience! I wonder what that turtle thought of you when it popped its head up about 2 metres from you and stared at you… My favourite snorkelling experience was swimming alongside a couple of mellow turtles in the Maldives a few years ago; I remember the island’s marine biologist telling me afterwards that some species of turtles live to over 100 years old and that the oldest turtle on record lived until they were 188 years old! Enjoy the rest of your time on and around St Barts, Robert x


    1. Robert,

      I’m happy to hear about your encounter with a few turtles I knew turtles lived for around 100 years but I didn’t know that one of the oldest was 188. I hope your enjoying the blog and we can tell you more about our turtle encounters.



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