Prickly Pear Cays

Prickly pear🍐

On the 7th of May we went to an island off the coast of Anguilla called Prickly Pear this island is beautiful with gorgeous white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

To get to Prickly Pear we had to sail there in the morning with some friends of ours on their boat. As we were anchoring, I saw a lovely green sea turtle poke his head up then dive back down. Prickly Pear is a deserted island off the coast of Anguilla. You are only allowed to stay there during the day as it is a marine park. It was rather funny because the people at customs said we had to pick up a mooring ball but when we arrived there weren’t any mooring balls! It was such a lovely little island in the morning there were 2 party boats but in the afternoon we were the only boat and people on the whole island and I had a lovely snorkel with our friend Edi. If you want to here more about the snorkels read on…

I did two snorkels on Prickly Pear, one was amazing I was swimming quite far out on a reef and the fish were amazing there were parrot fish, french grunts and many more small tropical fish. The water was lovely so refreshing and just to watch the fish and be so close to them was incredible. My dad and I spent a while just snorkeling next to the coral just observing the lovely fish. That was my first snorkel. My second snorkel I saw less fish but we had a few little snack crumbs so I gave them to the french grunt who seemed to really enjoy eating them. We went out for less time and the water was much colder but shockingly there was much more french grunts than the first time I guess they enjoy the cold weather. We’ve been having a lovely time and are enjoying St Maarten before we have our next passage up to Bermuda.

Polly note: Pics will follow! This was the most incredible place and we would have missed it if it wasn’t for our lovely friends on Honalee who invited us to go along with them. Their kindness and hospitality was beyond wonderful, What a perfect end to our two months in the Caribbean.


2 thoughts on “Prickly Pear Cays”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Dora- stunning photos (and it looks as if your dad is kindly flexing his muscles for us in the last photo) and I enjoyed reading your description of beautiful Prickly Pear especially about you seeing a turtle and feeding snack crumbs to a french grunt (which sounds like a grumpy man from Paris rather than a tropical fish), Robert x


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