Plodding along!

Position: 22.48N 063.21W
Day’s Run: 134M
Course: 025M
Boat Speed: 5kts

We had to start motoring just before noon yesterday when the wind dropped to just 2kts. We chugged away until just after supper when the wind piped up to 5-6kts from the SE and we were able to sail again, albeit damn slowly. Leaving the steady, strong trade winds behind after three months we’re skirting round the Azores/Bermuda high in unstable conditions so the wind (when there is any) is swinging between E and S and in strength from 2-3 to 10-12knots. It’s all making for pretty slow progress. Still, with luck, we’ll be half way to Bermuda sometime tomorrow afternoon and thats always good for morale.

Settling back in to life on the ocean waves

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