Sun at last

Position: 35° 26’N 055° 30’W
Wind: SSW 10-11
Course: 090
Daily Run: 170 miles

Today, for the first time it hasn’t rained! Though we have entered an area with a very small amount of wind we are lucky to be sailing at 6 knots without the engine. We’ve hung up all our oil skins and they are finally dry. It’s so nice when you’ve had lots of rain for it to stop for just one day so you can dry everything and have the hatches open so you can breathe.

During the rain, we have all the hatches shut so it creates an extremely stuffy atmosphere. Daisy is the only one complaining about the sun she prefers sailing in the rain. We are all well and nothing bad has happened we found out what was wrong with the battery so all is well.


Ps from Polly. The period from 1730 to 2030 was the heaviest persistent rain I’ve known. Daisy collected an entire bucketful of rain water in the cockpit (most directly though some running off the cockpit seats). On the back of the boat we have a dan-buoy – a safety device that you throw into the sea if someone goes overboard. The dan-buoy is only supposed to trigger its light/inflation when immersed in the sea but last night it got so saturated it started flashing away in its holder on deck.

Pictures from when the sun finally came out. Including amazing double rainbow.

2 thoughts on “Sun at last”

  1. very glad to hear from you Dora and hope you are feeling well after the torrents of rain. I enjoy all the entries on the website and wondered if you might consider adding “distance to target”to the report ?
    xx opa


  2. Hi Dora, it’s good to hear that all’s well, that you’ve found out what’s wrong with the battery and that thanks to some sun you’ve been able to dry your oil skins and to open the hatches. My suggestion for trying to make the atmosphere a bit less stuffy when the hatches are shut is to suggest to the skipper that he might wish to hang his smelly used socks outside for a wash in the rain- I hope that helps, Robert


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