Passing the time

Position: 36.01’N 052.18’W
Wind: SSW 12-13
Boat speed: 6.5 knots
Course: 090

Today we have had lovely weather sun and wind and we have seen many more Portuguese men of war. Earlier, Daisy and I created an iMovie about a super hero, Tiddlezz, (yes it’s spelt with z’s)and the villain, ratatouille the evil rat, which was very entertaining. We’re roughly 1000 miles away from the Azores! Nothing much has happened since yesterday. We are sailing along at a steady 6 knots. The main sail, Genoa and Mizzen are all rigged. The sea has calmed down a bit so it’s more comfortable. That’s all from me today.


One thought on “Passing the time”

  1. Hi Dora
    It’s me again, that annoying person across the Atlantic who keeps talking to you. Hehehe. My mum has put a bag in the staff toilets with a sign saying “loo rolls for the gerbil” midnight has about ten now- she’s been very busy. We had our last class assembly yesterday (friday) and Daisys mum started crying. No one was particularly sad in our class apart from Mr Gunson as it was his last class assembly too. We all had to sing “magic mersea moments, ching” like five times. Really embarrassing. When your next on land/available can you call me again?
    Lots of love,
    From the wet and rainy once more UK,
    P.S. Midnight says hi


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