Nothing much going on

Position: 36’30’N 49’00’W
Course: 095
Wind: S 15 knots
Speed: 7 knots

Daily blog post which is probably going to be really, really boring because nothings happening – by Daisy

Nothing much is really going on at the moment, we are on a beam reach (which is quite uncomfortable) and we are celebrating being halfway back to Europe.
The weather has continued to stay ‘nice’ and dry and the wind is staying between 15-20 knots to the south. But that’s really about it! There still haven’t been any serious disasters and we are all well.
Daisy x

2 thoughts on “Nothing much going on”

  1. Dear Daisy and Dora please be assured that nothing on the blog could remotelybe described as” boring” – it is a source of delight even when there are no dramas to report. If I am getting my sums right you should be at Flores by 11/12 June -do you concur ? love Opa


  2. Hi Daisy, I hope that beam reach is going ok and you continue to make good progress back to Europe. I thought of you this morning when I was visiting London Zoo and watched a black spotted turtle and lots of beautiful tropical fish swimming in the Aquarium. I saw an animal called an okapi I’d never seen before which looks half zebra and half horse and was unknown to science until 1901 when it was discovered in the Congo. In the Zoological Society of London’s shop within the zoo I saw a book that Dora might like given her thirst for knowledge about animals- it’s called “Does It Fart? The Definitive Field Guide To Animal Flatulence”- it covers 80 different animals so should be very educational, and yes, turtles do! Robert x


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