Holding on!

Position: 37.00N 042.30W
Day’s Run: 190M
Speed: 8kts
Course: 080T
Wind: SSW, 20-23kts

We’re tearing along at eight knots under genoa and mizzen with a mostly blue sky above us.

Beam reaching in a blow is hard work, on deck you’re constantly dodging the regular showers of spray sweeping downwind as the bow head-butts the incoming wave. Occasionally a cry of surprise and disgust rings out signalling someone has been too slow to get their head down. Below one has to be very careful moving about as the boat violently pitches and rolls her way East. Reading in bed is the safest off watch activity.

Yesterday we recorded our best day’s run yet, 190M noon to noon but there’s no time to feel smug as a low is forming S of us that will bring E winds from Thursday so we’re racing to reach Flores before then. To complicate the picture, a front is moving slowly across our path threatening a return of the torrential rain that characterised the first three days of this passage – so there’s plenty for the navigator to ruminate on. As our original destination on Flores is untenable in an E wind we’re now hoping to find shelter on the other side of the island in the bay of Faja Grande Europe’s most Westerly village.

Fingers crossed we get in before head winds, absurd rain or both catch up with us!

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