Atlantic crossed. We are officially back in Europe. Hooray!

Position: 34° 28’N. 031° 26’W

Ok, we are in the most westerly anchorage off the coast of Flores, in turn the most westerly island of the Azores. But I feel like I’ve crossed an ocean. Again.

I’m always remiss about an arrival write up as we are usually too tired and then caught up with formalities of customs etc. So I’m writing this at 0215 ships time which is actually 0515 here. We are killing time awaiting the dawn so we can safely find our anchorage. We have been zig zagging our way into land and out to sea again for a couple of miles, turn around and start again. We have no sails up, just our rigging and the wind on the beam. We have locked the wheel and rigged like this we slip along at just over a knot. I can very clearly see he lights of the village ashore. Better still is the smell of land. Every island smells different, some smell of sun on hot rocks and pine (St Kitts was positively Mediterranean in aroma), Some distinctly of vegetation (Martinique smelt more like a Parisian sewer than a tropical paradise- but that’s the swamp for you). Flores smells of hay and very faintly of animals. I know we will be able to get fresh milk here. If you ask me again tomorrow though I probably couldn’t smell anything. Right now it’s heavenly.

Here we are, on the left, as I know you can all identify now. I took this photo the day after we arrived – seems my sense of smell was spot on from 3 miles off!

The sky is lightening almost imperceptibly. Now the sea around me is dark grey not black. I can see the horizon and the top of the island. The sky is made up of distinct clouds, rather than just a black mass. What a treat to see dawn without needing to hurry off somewhere

6 thoughts on “Atlantic crossed. We are officially back in Europe. Hooray!”

  1. Welcome back to Europe! I hope that hay and animal smelling Flores delivers on its promise of fresh milk. I can confirm that Upper Street Islington still smells primarily of fried chicken.


  2. so very glad you have arrived safely in Flores, the island of flowers. Rest well and enjoy the Azores exploration, whales and volcanoes. xx to all


  3. Dear Daisy and Dora, I suspect that your school teacher may currently be off duty exploring beautiful Flores scenery and hopefully enjoying some local Azores wine, so in the interests of keeping your geography lessons up to date and by way of trying to reciprocate for all the interesting information about dolphins, turtles and tropical fish that you’ve so kindly shared with us, I thought I’d share the fact (in case you don’t already know it) that if measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean to their peaks the Azores mountains are some of the tallest on the planet. And did you know that although as everyone knows Everest is the tallest mountain above sea level (c. 8850 metres) it is NOT the tallest mountain by sheer height- that prize goes to Mount Kea, a dormant volcano in Hawaii which is over 10,000 metres tall when measured from the Pacific sea bed (half of Mount Kea is submerged underwater). And the highest spot on earth? It’s not Everest either, but Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador- because the Earth isn’t a sphere, places that are nearer to the equator (Mount Chimborazo’s peak is only one degree south of the equator) are naturally higher above the planet’s centre. So when you’re admiring Mount Pico it’s worth bearing in mind that you’re amongst some of the tallest mountains on the planet when measured in terms of their height from the bottom of the ocean.. Robert x


      1. I’d be honoured! Especially if you have some local vinho verde on board amongst your supplies. And Flores’ combination of Scotland, Yorkshire and Devon looks so enticing-I’m already plotting a visit to the Azores..


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