Thoughts on Whales by Dora

Yesterday, we all went to a whaling museum in Santa Cruz, Flores. Where we found out many interesting facts about whales and whaling. Whaling, was a rare event as t wasn’t very often that the people on look out spotted a whale. To let the whole island know a whale had been spotted someone near the look out tower would set off a rocket as if to say ‘Let the hunt begin!’. The whalers would gather in Lajes and drag their whaling boats out of the shed and into the water each boat had 7 oars, 6 paddles, a sail and a mast ( the mast was detachable.) they would row to where the whales had been spotted and wait. When they spotted a whale they would host the sails for a faster and quieter approach then the harpooner would throw his harpoon and began to stab the whale. Eventually, the whale would die and they’d drag it back to shore collect what they needed sell it and wait for the next whale hunt. I found the museum rather depressing as we watched a video from 1974 of a whale hunt. I found it hard to watch them kill an innocent whale and then just chop it up and sell it.

After the whaling museum, we slowly walked to an amazing play ground with a zip wire we played around for a while. After that, we went out to lunch in another museum cafeteria. I had a lovely Portuguese soup and a cheese toastie Daisy and Mummy had a tuna baguette and Daddy had a ham and cheese toastie. Sadly, we had to leave early as Daddy’s hay fever was coming back. We had a lovely day in Santa Cruz. We will keep you updated. Dora.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Whales by Dora”

  1. Hi Dora, it sounds as if you had a whale of a time in Santa Cruz especially on that zip wire with ocean views (although that 1974 whale hunt video would also have made me sad). I read somewhere that Mocha Dick, the albino whale from the Pacific on which Moby Dick was based, destroyed as many as 20 whale hunting ships that attacked him so earned a formidable reputation- which reminds me of a joke from inside a cracker- What is a whale’s favourite meal? Fish and ships. A few days ago Donald Trump, who you named that orange tree after, accidentally referred to Prince Charles in a tweet as the Prince of Whales…


  2. Dora thank you for the update on your trip to Lajes and interesting although very sad facts about Whaling. I couldn’t believe how relatively small the whaling boats were … must have been pretty scary out there not only for the whales but also the crews! Thank goodness you ended up having a zip wire experience to thrill your sad nerves.

    Summer is wet and stormy here … so believe me you are missing nothing this year!

    Love to all Sally X



    1. Hi Sally,
      It was really rather scary the whale hunt. Thank you for making me feel better about the weather here. There is a slight drizzle here but apart from that it’s fine. Dora


  3. Hi Dora, did you know that on average male sperm whales are three times heavier than female sperm whales, sperm whales have the largest brain in the whole of the animal kingdom (17 pounds vs a mere 3 pounds for a human brain) and that each sperm whale has a unique call (or a “coda” which is a short burst of clicks) like a distinct human voice such that individual whales can recognise each other..


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