Farewell Flores. Hello Horta.

We had an incredible walk up the west coast of Flores on Wednesday morning, in a rare day of glorious sunshine. We finished up in Faja Grande, vowed to return one day, took a taxi back to the boat in Lajes (I personally vowed not to return to that most uncomfortable of anchorages), dinghy aboard, anchor up and off we went in the direction of Faial.

Farewell beautiful Flores. Tom is letting out the electric fish (the tow generator) as we settle down for a swift passage to Faial.

Arrived at the port of Horta (mandatory and iconic stopover for yachts crossing the Atlantic Europe bound) with winds gusting 28 knots, but found a sheltered spot at anchor off the marina. The water in here is flat calm which we haven’t had since Bermuda. It is heavenly. More on this interesting island once we have had a chance to explore.

Our view from Horta harbour. Commercial dock in the foreground with the extraordinary peak of nearby Pico poking through the clouds.

One thought on “Farewell Flores. Hello Horta.”

  1. Under the eaves of the Summer House at Bealings was inscribed, I think, “si monumentum requires in Horto circumpice” – rather prophetic, hein ?


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