Making your mark

After a lovely stay on Flores we sailed 130M SSE to Horta, the port of Faial in the central group of the Azores. One of the traditions for yachts anchored or moored in the harbour of Horta is to paint a small plaque on the sea wall.

Daisy took charge on our behalf and here’s what she came up with.

Horta is dominated by the 2400m peak of neighbouring island Pico’s volcano which looms over us, sometimes lost in cloud but always reappearing huge and imposing.

In a maths lesson we estimated that from the top of Pico the horizon would be 100M away and you’d be surveying over 30,000 square miles of sea, more than the area of the island of Ireland- as well as all the islands in the central group – in the most unlikely event of the atmosphere being clear enough to see 100M!

We’ve been walking a lot around the many calderas (old volcano cones) on Faial, here we are on a small one near the port.

We thought its inside would make a good anchorage in settled weather.

But the swell breaking on the outside was a bit scary!

We also went for a big walk on Saturday, here’s a clip of Faial’s main caldera at the top of the island – it’s only about 1000m high so a tiddler compared to Pico but big enough to be a 7km walk round the rim.

Today we’re all hard at work boat cleaning, polishing the bright work. More soon, Dora & Daddy

6 thoughts on “Making your mark”

  1. A lovely piece of artwork, Miss Daisy ! In the pic the writing in the musical inset is just too small for me to read so I have been puzzling over the notes – is it “Voi Che Sapete” ?


    1. Here’s a better pic…

      …it would have been a great idea to have picked out the opening phrases of Voi Che but we didn’t think of that!

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  2. Great pics, and Daisy’s striking, very artistic plaque looks as if it makes more of an impact than any of the others on that sea wall. That main caldera on Faial looks spectacular (even though it’s a relative tiddler compared to the very imposing Pico..)


  3. Polly thank you for such a lovely description of the Azores, bringing back memories of our visit in 2011.
    We were as enchanted then and it’s great to be reminded of the timeless charm of those islands and their people, and to enjoy Daisy’s hiking smile on that steep road! Wishing you fair winds to La Coruna love Cath xx


  4. Wow; it’s a real right of passage to paint a memento of the boat in Horta at some stage in a sailor’s life and Daisy has ticked that box already – very cool !


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