Water, water, everywhere

Position at noon: 19 14’ N. 027 30’W.

Wind. NNE 15 knots

Course. 270

Daily run. 143 miles

Every passage needs a drama or two and, apart from the girls’ sea sickness, we had been getting away with it so far. At lunch time, the sea imps caught up with us as rummaging through the lockers for some suitable morsels, I discovered we had about four inches of water swilling around our precious dry stores.

First reaction? Taste the water – if it’s salty you’re in real trouble. If it’s fresh, then it could be worse.

It was fresh and we quickly discovered that one of the water tanks had been seeping out of its inspection hatch and up into the bottom of the food locker each time we rolled. So we took all the cushions off the bunks, checked every inspection hatch to find the culprit, and realising the seal had gone, we improvised with a plastic bag laid carefully over the opening and screwed the lid back on.

To my delight this simple trick has so far held back our water supply for the next two weeks. Problem hopefully under control, we then started the clean up operation sending the food up on deck to the children to dry what was salvageable, and tackling the insides of the lockers below. Once mess cleared and order restored we celebrated the water left in the tank by treating ourselves to our first shower of the trip.

As a footnote to this, all our drinking water is kept in bottles separate from the main tanks , for this very eventuality – If we hadn’t been able to fix the problem we wouldn’t have died of thirst at least!

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