Hard Yards

18.52N 030.29W
Wind NE25-28kts
Course. 265
Day’s run 163M

Its blowing pretty hard today with a heavy following sea, consequently we’re being thrown around a fair bit. After the excitement of getting going and then settling into shipboard life everyone’s feeling a bit jaded, aware that with a thousand miles behind us there are still two thousand to go.

At night Pols and I do two three hour watches each, Daisy joins the 6-9 sunset watch, while Dora tucks up for a 12h sleep as soon as it gets dark. Soon after the end of the sunrise watch we are all together for tea and ginger nuts before school starts for the girls (Headmistress; Polly, Janitor; your correspondent).

After the noon position is logged we wolf lunch and then it’s naps, books, sudoku until supper at five – we like to be fully cleared up before dark – and back into the watches.  No booze, simple food, lots of fresh air and sunshine – no wonder we’re longing for Martinique.

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