Ghosting Along

Position: 14.40N 045.02W
Wind: 10knts ESE
Course: 265T
Day’s Run: 132M

Wind remains very light and pretty much dead behind us. As running isn’t a strong point for ketches (the mizzen has to come off as it blankets the main) progress is frustratingly slow. That said, we’re heading in the right direction, we’ve got plenty of food and water and fifteen more books full of Sudokus to solve.

When we’re not snoring, guzzling or frowning at number grids we are probably reading. Dora is working though a multi volume epic about the life and times of various cat clans living in an enchanted forest (good grief), Daisy is deep into Ruby Redfort, the schoolgirl spy, while Pols tackles ‘Transcription’ a novel about a grown up spy.  

I’m about half way through Robert Macfarlane’s walking book ‘The Old Ways’ – but if we don’t get some puff from somewhere I could be on the enchanted rabbits before we get in…


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