Two weeks

Position: 14.32N 047.20W
Wind: 15knts, ENE
Course: 270T
Day’s Run: 133M

We’ve been out here for two weeks now. Last night was petty trying with the wind very light and the ever present swell rolling the boat about and making the sails slap in a most disagreeable manner.

Daisy took her first solo night watch and was rewarded with a giant supertanker passing three miles astern during her stand. When I came up to relieve her the two of us gybed to take account of the wind suddenly backing 30 degrees to ENE. The breeze then firmed up to 15-18knots and we’ve had a really decent run since then. Fingers crossed that uncharacteristic vagueness in the trades is now over.

To celebrate the two week milestone a ration of F&M fruit cake was issued with afternoon tea in place of the usual ginger nut – thank you Sarah!


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