Zoned In

Position: 14.30N 050.10W
Wind: 12-15kts, ENE
Course: 285T
Day’s Run: 126M

The wind remains light and so we’re still making pretty slow progress, 126M in the 24h to noon. Later on this afternoon we’ll reach 052.30W and enter our fourth (and final) time zone of the trip, when we move ship time to GMT-4. In the meantime our supplies of fresh food have now been pretty much exhausted – Polly was found to have reserved the last half of the last apple for her own extraordinary breakfast – rye bread with peanut butter and apple!?! Such delicacies are long gone from the steerage menu, where my offer to the girls of baked beans and sausage for lunch led to a mini mutiny. Fortunately the Ginger Nut situation remains healthy so there’s no real crisis on the horizon yet.

For those curious about the technology we use to keep in touch, have a look in the FAQs section….


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