Engines on

Position: 14.48N 054.16W

Wind: 5-6kts E

Course: 265T

Day’s Run: 125M

After a week of very light trades, the wind finally conked out this morning and we’re motoring West on a gently undulating sea under a blazing sun. The decks are hot enough to fry an egg on, so I’m dousing them with sea water every hour or two to keep the temperature down.

The way the boat’s winches, sheets and backstays are arranged means we can’t use a Bimini (a kind of sunshade for the cockpit) so I’ve rigged up a sonnensail to give some protection to the passengers.

Under the shade of this sun blocker Dora is sitting reading yet another thick volume of her cat (or is it rabbit?) saga with both feet plunged in a pail of freshly scooped up Atlantic.

We’ve less than 400M to go now and with the promise of wind setting back in from this evening we hope to reach Martinique sometime on Tuesday. Then it’ll be time for a cooling lager beer followed by a long sleep.

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