Hard yakka

It can be cruel at times. We motored for seven hours yesterday with pretty much no wind until sunset when a zephyr appeared from the East. Last night we crept along under sail as the wind strengthened from less than eight knots (really very little when it’s dead behind you) to 10-12 knots as the sun came up this morning.

However, just as we were looking forward to getting going, a foul swell came winging in from the North (there’s a big storm off the Carolinas) crossing the standing trade wind wave train at right angles and leaving the sea in a most confused and difficult state.

Poor Cherubino and her crew were left for three hours being flung about in the most distressing manner. Pols and I shared our thoughts, which I regret to say were not fit to air in a family blogpost. The thing, of course, is that when you haven’t had more than three hours consecutive sleep for three weeks one’s sense of perspective can suffer.

Happily, the North swell has now moderated and the wind is up to 15-20 knots so we’re making good progress again. Fingers crossed still for arrival on Tuesday.


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