Dora’s replies to 6GB’s questions

Patrick, I think you should go for pirates of the Caribbean because they are really good films and I can play the pirates of the Caribbean on the piano and we’ve seen Calypso’s hut

Cara, I have been listening to lots of music but without WiFi i cant get new music so when I next have WiFi i will download it.

Molly, my favourite things in the Caribbean is snorkelling I love finding starfish and other crustaceans.

Katie, I don’t have half term but to be honest school is only 3 hours and I don’t really do the same lessons I’ve recently started marine biology and I am keeping a chart of the animals we’ve seen. (Editorial from Dora’s mum! Dora is working hard at lessons but she finds me a less inspiring teacher than Mr G and Mrs B. Both girls find it tough learning without classmates to discuss their work with or to distract!)

Noah, my favourite land animal I’ve seen (which is wild) is a goat. My favourite flying animal I’ve seen is a pelican and my favourite marine animal was the sperm whales we saw off the coast of Dominica.

Maybelle, the best thing about staying on a boat is the gentle rocking which rocks you to sleep and the sound of water lapping around you.

Bobbie, I have done a lot of swimming. I haven’t swam with dolphins but I’ve seen hundreds of them.

Evie, I know this sounds really sad but I really miss school because I miss sitting next to you in English and talking about bone shakers and I really miss seeing my friends.

Taylor, I haven’t seen any sharks but if I were to see a shark then it would be a nurse shark as they are the only sharks that live in the Caribbean.

This is Dora learning about the Triangular slave trade – we’ve enjoyed adapting our lessons!

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