Romping towards Europe

Position – 37’38’N 38’41’W
Wind – 20-25 knots
Speed – 7.5 knots
Daily run – 173 miles

It’s weird, if you look on the chart, we are so very close to the Azores and when we reach the Azores we will be in Europe, and close to home. Dora’s very excited about this.

We are all very excited about arriving in the Azores, we’ve been researching with our guide books and it looks beautiful! I think we are also all itching to get on some of the lushest green hikes…

Sailing around at 7 1/2 knots, progress is fast and we plan to arrive on Thursday morning – a very impressive crossing! The wind has been blowing at 25 knots and although it’s quite uncomfortable, we’re coping and it’s worth it because she’s zooming along!

3 thoughts on “Romping towards Europe”

  1. Dora and Daisy, I enjoy your very informative posts a lot. I hope you will be collecting them in one place and maybe think about publishing them one day. England is currently subjected to constant rain of biblical quantities so you are certainly in a much better place, watching dolphins and racing towards the Azores.


  2. Daisy, hello from a rainy England. You must be excited about arriving at the Azores which look to have stunning scenery based on the photos I’ve seen- turquoise lake-filled caldereas surrounded by green hills, some impressive steep coastal cliffs and Mount Pico looks to be a particular highlight. I read that there are vineyards in the volcanic soil so you must try some local wine!


  3. Hey Daisy…..I hope you’re excited about being back in Europe and closer to home too…..’cos that means it’s not long until you see me again….woof woof Bingo xxxx


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