We are singing in the rain

Position: 40.58’N 23.30’W
Day’s run: 146 miles
Wind: S15

Today, it rained all morning but at lunch the weather began to perk up and at the moment it’s rather nice. Most of the oil skins have dried out but we are expecting more rain with in the next 30 minutes. Though we are hoping that it won’t rain and the big grey cloud behind us is just going to pass through. The day has been rather free from any calamities and we hope nothing awful happens on this trip. We are expecting to arrive in Spain on Sunday or Monday. We will keep you updated. Dora

One thought on “We are singing in the rain”

  1. A day free from calamares is indeed a boon to anyone suffering from Spanish cooking – now where did I put those spectacles ? Sorry couldn’t resist it !
    xx Opa


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