Fun at Sea

Position: 42.04N 020.36W
Day’s Run: 154M
Speed: 5.5 knots
Course: 080T
Wind: S 10 knots

Last night’s 1800-2100 watch was amazing, even though it was raining and blowing 30 knots. It was just me on deck when the first drops of rain hit but I’d been caught out too many times not to immediately slip into my oilies and put on my Pablo beanie – I was very grateful I’d done this!

The wind picked up under the rain cloud pretty slowly but kept increasing over a course of half an hour and then whipping up to 30 knots, I had already rolled in the jib and felt comfortable with just the main and mizzen up. We were surfing along at 8.5 knots so I called Mummy up to make sure everything was comfortable down below. Because of the very heavy rain the waves were flattened out a bit so there everyone could sleep, although I don’t think anyone did!

I had snuggled into a corner underneath the spray hood for warmth and took my first look around. It was quite weird because even though it was rainy, it was no longer chucking it down and the wind wasn’t creating a monster of a sea and our visibility was still pretty good. Out to the West the sun was very slowly setting and had created a golden glow across the sky and as the rain fell the rain drops looked like golden flecks and the light had also illuminated the sails, it was pretty!

Daddy joined me at about 2045 and we discussed the weather, wind and sail trimming. I hadn’t realised by this time but I couldn’t feel my bare feet so I went down below to make coffee and put on some woolly socks.

The weather has calmed dramatically over the last 16 hours and we are now slowly creeping along at 5.5 knots over quiet, calm sea. Everyone is well and we are spending the day drying off in the sun and blue sky.


3 thoughts on “Fun at Sea”

  1. Hi Daisy
    your posts are so well written that I can almost picture myself on deck with you. Hope the wind is kind to you for the next few days and you arrive without drama in Spain.


  2. Hi Daisy, it sounds as if your Pablo beanie and woolly socks served you well during that wind and rain. Thank you for sharing that wonderfully evocative post. I hope the rest of your watches go well until you reach Galicia (where one of my favourite wines, Albarino, comes from..), R


    1. You’ll be pleased to know that we celebrated our first lunch ashore yesterday, accompanied by a delicious bottle of Albariño. Pavement table, baby squid, calamari, padron peppers, didn’t even sit down to eat until after 2pm. All very Spanish and delightful.


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