Position:42°30’N 18°36’W
Wind:SW 9-10
Day’s run: 113
Speed: 5.3 knots
Course: 076°

Yesterday evening, whilst mummy and I were making supper, daddy shouted that he’d seen a whale so we all dashed up on deck and waited we didn’t see anything so mummy and I went back to cooking then daddy shouted again. This time we saw it a huge arched back dive slowly back into the water it must have been at least the size of our boat but it was much bigger. The second time it popped back up it’s dorsal fin was at least a boat length away from its blow hole. The whale was a deep navy in colour and was extremely slow it wasn’t a humpback whale we knew that because daddy has seen many of them. We decided it was either a fin whale or a blue whale. After it had gone we decided it was too big to be a fin whale so it was a blue whale. The biggest creature on Earth. I feel honoured to have seen one as they aren’t very common. Today, nothing as exciting as that has happened. We will keep you updated.


6 thoughts on “Whale!”

  1. Hi ‘Dora, What a piece of wonder – not only the largest on Earth but the largest there has ever been- bigger than the largest dinosaur. I am very jealous .


  2. That’s amazing Dora, what a privilege to see a blue whale especially as it’s estimated that there may be as few as 10,000 left in the oceans. I read that their tongue can weigh as much as an elephant, their heart can weigh as much as a car, a baby blue whale can drink 600 litres of its mother’s milk during its first year and their blood vessels are so wide that you could swim through them!


  3. Hi dora, sorry I haven’t messaged you lately, I’ve been busy, what with the play and leavers stuff. I can’t believe you actually saw a blue whale! Your so lucky. Midnight is fine as usually, munching away at sunflower seeds and loo rolls (you will not believe the amount kyson staff get through in a day- must be all that coffee they have.) I was wondering as you are gonna be back in time, are you going to do cadet week. We could do it together (by the way I am only doing it if you are)
    Still missing you (obviously),
    From the ok temperature UK,
    P.S Smudge is (very helpfully) currently head butting the screen so sorry if there are some mistakes


  4. HI little d, lucky you! you’ve seen that blue whale, in my 48 years of age never seen that….love you d…mila.


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